Lima, Peru. Your mother was wrong.

I promised to be honest in the blog.

In that spirit, I have to say that I wasn’t terribly impressed when landing in Lima.

It was brown. All brown. Brownbrownbrownbrown. Little square buildings, also brown.


Airport & the like, though, were hassle-free. Well, almost, as these things go but no big deal.

Robert, the Goway rep, ensured that I got to the right hotel. No problem there.

Time to explore.

My first stop was, of all places, a hidden mall.

“Hidden?” you ask?

“Yeppers, hidden,” I answer.

Lima, a city of 10 million (!!) is situated on basically a cliff that overlooks the Pacific. To spoil that view would be a crime. So what’s been done is to situate the mall – mostly restaurants from little coffee shops to TGI Friday’s – below line-of-sight into the cliff itself. In order to access it, just go down some stairs and an escalator.

Cool idea. Works well. I had a snack & continued wearing out my sneakers.

My first impressions of Lima were wrong. Very wrong. If your mother said that first impressions are lasting impression, she’s wrong.

This is a vibrant, colourful and dynamic place. Traffic is chaotic, just as you’d expect in a city like this.

I took a walk down one of the main thoroughfares and was impressed with what I saw. Busy shops everywhere. Two guys arguing, in a good-natured manner, about something. Looks like they’ve been friends for years.

People look you in the eye here. A smile offered gets one in return.

I’m liking this place so far.

I’ve been walking for a while.

Totally lost.

Thankfully, these people have all the time in the world for a bumbling stranger like me. I get back to the hotel easily with the guidance of strangers.

My first impressions were so wrong.

And I’m glad about that.


Remember all the agony trying to get my pictures from my camera to the tablet so I could upload pictures in the blog? Well, I now have a new camera since the old one quit and it might be a while before I get the new one working with the tablet too. I’ll get it figured out as fast as I can.


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