Iguazu Falls

Argentina’s Iguazu National Park lies at the three intersecting borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. I arrived in the hotel adjacent to the park mid-afternoon, checked in and was given a room key – not really a key, but one of those cards with a magnetic strip on it – for room 224.

One minor issue. That room was already occupied. Nobody was in it at the moment, but there were someone’s personal stuff lying about.


Went back to the front desk & got a different room.

New room was fine but I didn’t have a lot of faith in their reservation system any more.

But I was only there for one night anyway.

Up at 7 the next morning to begin the tour. Jorges, my one-eyed guide (no joke, he really does have only one eye) took me around to show me the park, starting at a place called Devil’s Throat.

Now, the word “awesome” gets thrown around a lot. “That was an awesome movie!” or “What an awesome car!” and on like that.

But I’d like to use the word in it’s proper context.

Devil’s Throat is awesome. And I mean open-mouthed gape at the sight and sound of so much water flooding over the falls.

Jorges gave me some statistics about how much water flows over the falls – about 1800 cubic meters per second, Niagara Falls is about 2800 cm/s – and that it’s actually a series of falls that make up the Devil’s Throat. And all of that was very interesting, to be sure.

But knowing all that wasn’t necessary. Just being there and experiencing the mist and thunder of the falls was enough for me.

Jorges also showed me other areas of the park that don’t make the tourist map but are spectacular on their own.

A day at the falls was great but tiring. A dinnertime flight back to Buenos Aires and an early night were in store.

A rest day is set for Sunday – I really need it! – then a day-long excursion Monday. Catch up with everyone after that!

 Iguazu Falls

It truly is awesome.

It truly is awesome.

The following link should take you to a YouTube video taken Jan. 19.

(At some time in the distant, hazy future I’ll figure out how to upload s video directly.)


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