Motorcycling South Africa

First of all, my apologies for not keeping the blog updated.

OK, so that apology is done.

Last we spoke, I had just begun my motorcycle tour with Gavin Green of Swartberg Biking. I had purchased armoured trousers and new boots and we were on our way, stopping for a geology lesson and a place called Ronnie’s Sex Shop.

It really is hard to overstate the fantastic countryside we rode through. If you’re even a tiny bit interested in geology or just plain rocks, you really need to come see this place.

Now when Gavin said that a visit to an ostrich farm as on the agenda, I admit I wasn’t actually over boiling with excitement, but oddly enough it is interesting.

For instance, when you put a blind over an ostriches eyes, it assumes since it can’t see you, then you can’t see it.

They can also be extremely dangerous. A whiplike strike from one of its feet can split you open chin to crotch. Yeah, no kidding.

After that came a visit to a site called Cango Caves. A very interesting tour & talk by a guide was well worth the time spent.

Gavin also made sure that we took our time to see fantastic stretches of coastline, places not often seen by tourists, back country trails and small out-of-the-way places to stay.

And he made sure that we carved out time to visit Cape Agulas, southernmost tip of the African continent.

All of that was great, of course. And the riding! Clean, well maintained asphalt winding through mountain passes, amazing roadside views, tight little switchbacks and long easy curves… It was magnificent riding.

I could go on and on about it and just keep racking up superlatives but I think you probably know by now that this trip is easily one of the highlights of my entire life.

And I have Gavin to thank for it. (And no, he’s not paying me to say that!)

Our trusty steeds

Our trusty steeds

Gavin & I at Cape Agulas

Gavin & I at Cape Agulas

Amazing roadside scenery.

Amazing roadside scenery.

Great sweeping roads through mountain passes.

Great sweeping roads through mountain passes.


3 thoughts on “Motorcycling South Africa

  1. star glo says:

    you are making me wish we were there.  Africa was on my bucket list, but now I must rely on you for descriptions and photos.  Looks wonderful and so happy that it all worked out so well for you.  Luv, Mom


  2. Craig Fisher says:

    Jealous…all I can say at the moment. Soak it all in!

  3. SteveH says:

    Ya, what Craig said! I can’t even imagine how amazining that trip would have been.

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