Onboard the R V River Saigon

I have to keep these posts short because of an erratic internet connection.

The first day onboard ship started with leaving the Saigon hotel in about 11:30 to arrive and get onboard about 1.

I have no cruise ship experience, but I think the room is OK. Glad it’s only me, the room might be too cramped for 2, to say nothing of 3.

The first excursion was to a shop where puffed rice is made. Nothing is wasted on the rice plant, all of it has a use in some manner.

We were back aboard ship just before 6. A Vietnamese dinner was served to us st 7:00

That was day 1 onboard the MV Saigon.

Day 2 started early with breakfast and an excursion to a brick-making factory, then a walk through an open-air market. Did that, fine, will not do that again.

This afternoon there was a tour through a ‘typical’ Vietnamese village. Now, I’ve no way how to determine how typical it is. But it’s a safe bet to say that these people are dirt poor. Most of the villagers were Catholic, according to the guide and the disgustingly ornate church among the villagers. I suppose it’s no surprise that the villagers are believers. Their current life is so difficult, but with a promised reward of heavenly riches in the afterlife I guess they can tolerate it for a three-score and ten life on earth.

Can’t help but think, as the ship steams north into Cambodia, that the riverbanks with their dense undergrowth were perfect cover for the Viet Cong, hiding in the jungle, to pick off American soldiers and sailors.

I’ll try to post some pictures when I have a better & more stable internet connection.



One thought on “Onboard the R V River Saigon

  1. Any sign of Colonel Kurtz yet?

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