Dodging Raindrops

There has been hard rain over the past few days. The storms one can expect only in the tropics. From sunny sky to boiling black clouds sodden with water, then a massive thunderclap which, for all I know, has broken the seams on the clouds, for then comes the rain.

Big, hurtling drops smashing themselves onto the pavement or windshield with an audible, resounding THWACK. Its energy spent, it oozes away to be nailed by another suicidal gob of water, another THWACK. And the process continues.

Thankfully, these intense storms usually last less than an hour or so, disappearing almost as fast as they started. But nature’s a trickster, coaxing everyone out from indoors or behind cover, only to create another storm out of nowhere.

Dodging storms, today I took the MRT line to a stop called Kanji where rests a memorial to those on the Allied side who lost their lives in the occupation and war between 1942 to 1945.

At this point I’m supposed to come up with some words to honour the war dead. “Brave souls who gave up their lives in the cause of freedom” or “the names of those who died will live forever in the cause of liberty” etc etc.

Well, such words of mine would only come across as so much saccharine sentimentality. So no such words will come from me.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures.

Kranji war memorial

Kranji war memorial

Early this evening I went to find the hotel I stayed in back in 1991. All I could remember about it was that the hotel was built as a semi-circle, the round part facing the city. And across the street there was a war memorial for civilians lost in the fighting & Japanese occupation.

I’m pretty sure I found it, but will only know for sure once I look at the photos taken in 1991.

Tomorrow, between thunderstorms, I’m off to Orchard Road, arguably one of Asia’s shopping hotspots.


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