More photos from Singapore

Today it’s been raining pretty steadily so I took some rides on the MRT system to get a handle on it. Probably like any mass rapid transit system, it’s pretty confuddling until you get used to those maps and fares. But once it’s figured out it makes perfect sense.

One little slice of life from the subway: I was sitting across a mother and her son, I ¬†imagine he’s about 6 and like most kids that age, his favourite word is “no.” Mom was trying to get the little dude to finish his homework and the kid’s having none of it.

Sitting beside me are an Indian couple in their 60’s. The husband and I were chuckling about the boy, thinking that we, too, were probably like that at that age as well. He and his wife were in Singapore visiting their daughter for the holidays.

I may have looked puzzled, thinking that those with Hindu faith didn’t celebrate Christmas. He said that their family treats it as a family holiday but without all the religious trappings.

I like that.

A few days ago I took some pictures on a few temples and other faith-based buildings.



One thought on “More photos from Singapore

  1. Rod says:

    Hey buddy, really enjoying reading your posts. That 22 year gap must have made for an amazing comparison and contrast in Singapore. The pics are nice, but I really enjoy your writing the most. Keep safe, have fun, make memories! – Rod

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