Singapore 22 Years Later part 1

Back in 1991 when I first saw Singapore it was only for 3 days, one of which was Chinese New Year. The place was rockin’!

My trip wasn’t timed for it, it just turned out to be a happy coincidence. But I did get out and have a look around in between the fireworks.

Well, there’s no Chinese New Year this time which has made things a little less frantic.

Or so I thought.

I’m staggered by the amount of construction that’s gone on. And as I sit here and enter this into my blog I can hear heavy equipment moving dirt from here to there to make way for yet-another high rise.

My journal notes of the first visit say, “A 21st century city nestled into ancient culture. How they square that circle is a mystery.”

When I spoke of squaring the circle I was referring to 2 parts of how Singaporeans live their lives: One part totally modern, based in practical science which is fundamental in managing things like construction projects. The other part is the one that still believes the number 8 is lucky, never to put a 4th floor on a building or carpark, and feng shui.

I brushed it off as nonsense.

But then again, in our Westernized culture, some throw salt over their shoulder, some avoid black cats, some won’t walk under a ladder and some keep a severed limb of a mammal in their pocket as, say, a key ring for good luck.

So if it’s working for you, whichever culture you’re in, who am I to say what you should or shouldn’t do?

I didn’t get out much today, I needed to get some downtime after 8+ hour flights, non-existent hotel reservations and a totally flummoxed circadian rhythm. When I’m out and around tomorrow I’ll be able to actually appreciate the experience. And take pictures. Lots a pictures.

So I’ll catch up with my loyal, extremely attractive and intelligent fan base tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Singapore 22 Years Later part 1

  1. SteveH says:

    Enjoy the sights!! I’m sure you will see some pretty nice motorcycles there! Not that we are interested in that, LOL!

  2. Michelle says:

    Enjoy Singapore!! And thank you for identifying the quokka. I was looking at the picture and thinking “big rat”. Good to know I was wrong!

  3. Brian says:

    Beautiful pix, Morgan. Am extremely jealous of your travels. Did some travelling myself today. Drove to St. Jacob, called in to see Conal, than toured Farmer’s Market. Sunset over the market truly amazing. Bet those Aussies are green with envy hahaha..

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