Rottnest Island

Hello friends. I have just returned from an excursion to a place called Rottnest Island.

I know. Oddball name.

Stories to be told about it, but at the moment they will have to wait when I have a decent amount of time to write and edit.  So, here are some photos of the day and the place.

Rottnest Island 1

Rottnest Island #2




The next 2 days are travel days. First from Perth to Sydney, the next day Sydney to Singapore. Why I can’t fly directly from Perth to Singapore is something I don’t understand, considering Qantas, Virgin, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines all have regular flights doing that.

Anyway, point being is that I’m not likely to be online until I land in Singapore in a few days. So I beg your patience for  few days.

See you in Singapore!




2 thoughts on “Rottnest Island

  1. SteveH says:

    These are great pics!! Keep’m coming!

    Have fun with your flight mess, and try and stay away from the O.J. runs in the airports!!

  2. Craig Fisher says:

    Wonderful photos!

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