Perth, Western Australia

The morning was spent getting to know Perth a little bit. And I must tell you that I unfortunately I have yet to get a handle on this town.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure the day did not start off well. Much youthful partying in the hotel last night and the associated thumping of rap music coming through walls and floor. Then a mix-up in the pick-up location for my tour this morning.

I keep a small journal with me and here’s what I wrote in it this morning:

Enjoyed the tour but not sure what I think of Perth and Fremantle. Perth especially seems, well, so ordinary. It’s not as if I dislike the place, it’s just that so far it’s been so, well, ordinary. <end of note>

After reflecting on that a little, I think my ambivalence to Perth is that the place doesn’t seem to have any sort of joie de vivre, no sense of focus or real energy in the place.

Sydney has the Opera House, Cairns has the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin has Kakadu, Alice Springs has Uluru. Perth has… um… Some tall buildings.

In fact, they were the only thing I photographed today. And then, only 2 pictures.

Perth downtown


Perhaps a fresh start tomorrow would be best.


2 thoughts on “Perth, Western Australia

  1. Tracey says:

    Clearly, Perth has blue skies… None of which have been seen in these parts for days and days…
    Perspective is a beautiful thing!
    Really enjoying your adventure! Thanks again for sharing!

  2. sandy says:

    At least the buildings look ummm…interesting! And the weather looks wonderful, nothing but dull grey skies and rain here…Every day holds a potential new adventure, thanks for letting those of us back home participate (via your words and pictures). Cheers!!

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