Rock and Roll


There are three iconic images one usually thinks of when one considers Australia. Topping the list has to be the Sydney Opera House.

A close second is likely the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And the third would likely be Ayer’s Rock, also called Uluru. (I’ll use the name Uluru. It’s got fewer letters.)

When you see it on TV or in books, it may not look particularly impressive. Ok, sure, big rock. So what?

That’s probably because it’s surrounded by desert. There’s not a good sense of scale. And it’s mostly seem from only one angle.

But seen from only one vantage point hides Uluru’s many faces. And I can assure you that it’s not likely to fit under your xmas tree. To call it imposing doesn’t begin to describe it. And it’s estimated that about 65% to 75% is underground.

Myself and a few other hardy souls arose at 4:30 in the morning to take a sunrise tour into the park to meet our aboriginal guide, Peter.

He took us to various places around Uluru and shared dreamtime stories, their creation myths.

But he also theorized how Uluru came to be from a geological perspective.

The first theory is that the monolith was slowly pushed up and out of the ground by tectonic plate movements. I don’t buy that one because there’s no fault line anywhere near it.

The second theory, the one that I think is correct, is that it used to be totally underground but wind and rain eroded the landscape and left the rock exposed as you see it today.

But either way, it is one impressive sight. Seeing light reflecting off at it as the sun rises is a sight not to be missed, even if it means dragging yourself out of bed at 4:30 in the morning.

So that’s the rock. Now it’s time to roll into Adelaide.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


By the way, I’m experimenting with putting images in posts. If things look silly – images upside down or whatever – that’s why.



5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll

  1. Pam says:

    Oh the photos look great! Nothing upside down!

    • Morgan says:

      Thanks, glad the pictures worked. Pam, messages sent to your hot mail account bounce back as undeliverable. No idea why. Do you have a secondary email address? Pls email it so I know I’ll have a good email address. Thx.

  2. Iris says:

    Love the pictures Morgan,

  3. Michelle says:

    The pictures are beautiful. And they allow us to see what you see. Awesome.

  4. SteveH says:

    Hey man, the pictures are outstanding! such beauty in rocks bushes!

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