Sounds of Silence Dinner Event



Last evening, at an outdoor meal event called Sounds of Silence, I got to meet more interesting people. The table set for 10 included Darryl and Barbara from Saskatoon, a family of five from England, and two young women from Japan.

Darryl and Barbara, in their 60’s, were fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting Australia. But they certainly have done their travelling.

Darryl retired some eight years ago. After much consideration and consulting with family members, they sold pretty much everything they owned, including their house. They then used the proceeds to buy a camper van and spent the next 5 years driving around North America.

The couple from England – their names are lost to me, I’m afraid – came as a family: mom, dad, three daughters. It won’t be long before the daughters will be either off to university or married, so this trip is likely their final family vacation. They all wanted to make it special, so they decided on visiting Australia.

The two Japanese girls were simply on a regular holiday. From what I could understand (which wasn’t much, I’m afraid) the girls have been friends most of their lives.

As for the dinner, the menu included crocodile meat in pastry (yuck), smoked salmon, kangaroo meat (like beef but dry) then the standard potatos, veg, salad etc.

All cold. Wasn’t supposed to be, but it was by eating time.

After the dinner there was to be a short astronomy lesson but clouds hampered that. We did, however, get to hear a Dreamtime story, which is one of the Aborigine creation myths. Too complicated for me, I’m afraid.

It was all a good time, made better by meeting more interesting people.


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