Katelyn’s Class

On Tuesday I took two flights to get to Darwin – one from Cairns to Brisbane and a connecting flight from Brisbane to Darwin.

But I’m not about to bore you with another racing-through-the-airport post.

I’d like to tell you about someone – well, a group – I met on the flight.

When I was waiting for my flight to be called, I saw about a dozen young women aged about 14 or 15 or so. They were hard to miss, lots of giggling and sqeee-ing going on. Lots of pictures taken, lots of hugs and good-luck wishes. They were also wearing identical tops. I figured a netball or volleyball team.

Well, no.

I ended sitting beside one on my flight to Brisbane. Her name is Katelyn.

She and her class were on their way to help in both the construction and administration of a school in Cambodia. They are also taking donated laptops for the students.

She told me that their class does basic fundraising events every second year. In the other years they do something “big”!

Well, 2012 is a big year, hence the trip. It’s all paid for by fundraising, parents and support from local businesses.

The more Katelyn talked about it, the more excited she got. She was clearly totally enthusiastic about it and it was totally infectious. Other students got telling me about it, and it was clear that they, too, were totally pumped.

And the more she told me about it, the better I felt about it.

They were not just going to throwing money around, then disappearing until the next crisis comes up. They were – and are – providing the resources needed to give the students and teachers the resources needed to help them help themselves.

Seems to me that they’ve got the right idea. Us grown-ups can take lessons from these kids, wouldn’t you agree?


One thought on “Katelyn’s Class

  1. Rod says:

    Greatly enjoying your travel blog. Thanks for the steady stream of posts sharing all the places you’ve seen and people you’ve met. May each day of your global trek bring new joys and insights!

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