A Day in Darling Harbour

Did you ever notice that restaurant servers always repeat back just what you’ve said to them?

I’m in a restaurant called Eat Love Pizza in the Darling Harbour area of Sydney. I say, “I’d like the carbonera please, large Coke.”

“So you’d like the carbonera and a large Coke?”

“Um, yup, thanks,” and she’s off. Didn’t really think about it until later when I wanted some water to wash down the glutinous and, well, lousy carbonara. She asked me if I liked the meal, and I had to disappoint her as she put my water down.

“In truth, sorry to say that this ” – pointing at bowl of glue – “is not very good at all.”

“I’m sorry yo hear that, sir.” SIR? Attractive young lady calling me SIR? One more nail in the coffin of middle-age.

She was Charlene, Parisian French and had been working in Australia for the past year, at that restaurant about six months. She and a friend are going to New Zealand in about six weeks. She has been to Canada. Loved Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto not so much. But her favourite spot in Canada was Algonquin Park.

“So beyooootiful there!”

She returned a bit later to offer me a coffee on the house. Why yes, that would be fine thanks.

Then the manager (didn’t get his name) said, “Sorry to dissapoint you sir -” SIR?? -“Your lunch is no charge. My sincere apologies. Enjoy the rest of your day.” I thanked him and that was that.

Then a short tour through an Australian sub Onslow, destroyer Vampire and a reconstruction of Captain Cook’s ship Endeavour.

But the best was yet to come. The latest James Bond offering, Skyfall. On opening day. In IMAX.

Before the theatre doors were opened I got a chance to talk to an elderly couple about who’s the best Bond. I said I really like Daniel Craig, he’s grittier than the others. They said yes, there is a certain hard edge that Craig brings to the screen, but they like Connery best. Why? They’re from Scotland and know the family!

As for the movie, I won’t divulge anything other to say it was AWESOME!

Another flight tomorrow, this time to Cairns. Your roving reporter will be back online from there.


3 thoughts on “A Day in Darling Harbour

  1. Tracey says:

    Another enjoyable blog! I look forward to hearing what you get up to. Thanks for reporting from the land down.
    Safe travels my friend.

  2. Micjael says:

    Wish I were there, Morgan. Che’as!

  3. Michelle says:

    A free lunch… too bad it wasn’t very good. I can’t wait to see Skyfall, too!!

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