Thank You, New Zealand

It is my last full day in New Zealand on this trip. As such, the day is busy with laundry, re-organizing, ensuring all my travel documents are in order (they are) and other domestic stuff that’s dull but must be done. It’s grey and rainy anyway, a day well suited to attend to those chores.

But before I go, I have people to thank for giving me a tiny glimpse into their lives.

First and foremost, to my good friends Theresa and Tony Smith and Theresa’s children Shannon and Ryan, who opened up their home to me, mere thanks aren’t enough. I am forever in their debt.

And to all the others in no particular order:

  • Emma
  • Steve
  • Lance
  • Brad
  • Beck
  • Jcho
  • Martin
  • Bruce
  • Craig
  • Richard
  • Lynette
  • Chris
  • Hamish
  • Pat
  • Brett
  • Shane
  • Nick
  • Robin
  • Logan
  • Maliwan
  • Andy
  • Asimme
  • Heather
  • John
  • Rachel
  • Susan
  • Teesh
  • Elma
  • Dylan
  • And the girl with the blue hair

There were others who I didn’t get the name – for instance, the French dude who I went kayaking with – or simply didn’t get the name recorded before my  memory erase function went on.

I’m  fully aware that this a cumbersome list, but here’s a thought for chewing on: All these people have stories. And part of their stories now rests inside me, as some of mine is with them. A sort of immortality, I suppose.

This is no permanent goodbye, New Zealand. I will be back. Count on it.

Now, to Australia. See you in The Lucky Country.


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