Still Getting a Handle on Christchurch

Well, today didn’t start too well. I got told off by the owner of the motel I was in last night because I was only staying 1 night instead of 2 (kinda hard to tell them when their phones are down). We had talked about that yesterday, today she has no recollection of it.

Fine. P’shaw. Havaniceday. Jerk.

Made a visit to a physician’s office this morning to request a prescription. Skin issues. Nothing new there, I’ve been managing skin issues for 40 years or more, but have never needed to overseas.

It was a snap.

Doctors, as part of their normal routine, need a patient’s history when deciding on treatment. Makes perfect sense, I totally get that and wouldn’t have it any other way.

It does, however, become a bit tiresome when said patient – me – has to repeat the history over and over and over and…

Dr Caroline Christie is a good-humoured, razor-sharp physician which reminds me of my brother-in-law. Asks the right questions the right way with well-done humour to keep the mood light and professional. Before I knew it she had  a really good handle on who I was, previous treatments and all the rest. Remember I mention that people love to tell their stories? That goes for me too 🙂 !

Regardless, she got me all sorted out. Physician visit $75. I would have paid twice that and done so with a smile. Prescription? Got it. It cost $3.00.

That’s not a typo or other mistake. It was three dollars.

Got the new motel arranged. Nicer place, no b.s. attitude, eager to help. Close to the university which means lots of green space. I like it.

Not easy to get a handle on this town though. The motel I’m in is on Riccarton Road, one of the major thoroughfares through town, a long way (on foot) from what used to be the pre-quake central business district. I took a couple of extended walks but all I saw were subdivisions upon subdivisions (cue Rush music).

I’ll take time Wednesday to figure out the bus system and see if I can get a close-up look at what was downtown.

Regardless, I’m glad to be here. I’ll be looking for a fishing guide soon to see if I can catch me a trout, fly fishing. Never done that before.

And the day has ended much better than it began.


One thought on “Still Getting a Handle on Christchurch

  1. Michael Daniel says:

    Watch out for the giant eels!!!

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