Of Royalty and Satay Beef

Teesh has been working at the pizza place for a few years. It was just one of those ‘right time, right place’ scenarios. “I was here for an interview for another job, then saw that this place needed staff, other job didn’t turn out, this one did and here I am!” She’s rail-thin and her hair was snugged up in a bun behind her head (restaurant rules, I imagine) but she’s quick with a smile. She’d turn a few heads on he street, mine included.

“From Canada? My mother is from Winnipeg. She can’t kayak either!” she laughs, a bit too hard.

“So how long are you here for?” I told her I leave tomorrow morning to continue my trek. In Christchurch tomorrow evening. “Lots of earthquake damage, I’m told,” she says. She asks if I’ve been to Paihia before, I tell her, yes, this my third trip, last one was about ten years ago.

Four gruff German-speaking people (I think it’s German anyway) get a table for four. Teesh has to get back to work. “Very nice to meet you, Morgan, I hope to see you again, but sooner than ten years.”

I hope so too.

Prince Charles and his horse – uh, wife – were in Auckland today, something to do with osteoporosis. But despite the traffic snarles, I managed to get on the right flight to Christchurch. Nick, the fellow who sat beside on the plane, was in Scotland at a rugby and tournament until some tendons in his hand snapped. That can’t be fun. “Hurt really, really bad. But surgery got it repaired, now I just have to strengthen it.”

“Too bad your tournament was cut short,” I said.

“Yeah, but on the bright side I got to see my girlfriend back home earlier than I thought,” her smiled.

Love that sense of optimism.

Landing in Christchuch we were greeted by two fire trucks waiting in our gate. I had a hunch something was up & it wouldn’t be good.

The airplane was fine, but the building had to be evacuated after a fire alarm went off. But only after a short delay we were allowed to disembark into the chilly Christchurch air. About 15° I was told. So far all my weather has been mild. Today, well, maybe it’s mild for Christchurch but not for me.

Started my evening with a wonderful satay beef dish from a little wee restaurant on Riccartton Road. It was excellent.

A good way to start my South Island travels.


One thought on “Of Royalty and Satay Beef

  1. Iris says:

    love reading your story of the day,…a part of me feels like I’m there.
    Enjoy and be safe

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