Let’s Go Fishing!

Ya know, I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing or who you’re doing with or to. Five-forty-five is too early.

So it was with considerable effort that got me out of bed this morning to go fishing.

At the Paihia dock I was greeted by Hamish, the owner of Legend, a 30 foot fishing boat. His other customers consisted of Pat and his two sons Brett (18 or so) and Shane (about 20). They live in Australia and the fishing trip was for the boys’ birthdays. Nice group, I liked the them all right away.

The plan was to first catch some mackerel for bait, then go to deeper water for some Kingfish. They look much like tuna but smaller but with yellow on the tail instead of blue.

Now, mackerel aren’t very smart. I wonder how they’ve managed to survive this far. You don’t even need bait on the hook, just a tiny coloured plastic tag. Mackerel will mistake this plastic thing for shrimp and bite. Dumber than a stump.

Soon we had enough for bait and off we went.

First one to bring one in was Shane, a good sized Kingfish, maybe 20 pounds. Then Brett hooked one.  though lost it. Pat got a barracuda (thrown back as garbage fish) then lo and behold, the heavens opened up, a chorus of angels were warming up; I caught one! Nice tug on the line, felt like a powerful fish, got it beside the boat and with a powerful flick of it’s tail, gone. Clouds rolled back in, the angels trudged away.

Hamish watched the scenario unfold and said it was too small to keep anyway. Not quite sure if I believe him.

At one point Shane caught a small (12 inches) squid. Bright orange. All those little tentacles writing away. “Don’t bring it in the boat!” And as soon as he said the last syllable the squid spurted out a spalash of ink. Got all over Shane’s hoodie and part of the floor. “That stuff stains like crazy,” Hamish scowled, then added, “Sorry, Shane, not upset with you. Just have to clean this up right away,” he said as he hosed the ink from the floor.

So the tally for the day was 4 anglers, 1 legal size fish caught, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Well worth a 5:45 a.m. start.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Go Fishing!

  1. sandy says:

    Your blogs are even educational…I had no idea that squid squirted ink!! Normally, a “good” fishing story puts me to sleep…but I am thoroughly enjoying your attempts to land the “big one”. Keep the stories coming !!!

  2. SteveH says:

    That fish you had on obviously knew he was not of the caliber be fitting the grand stature of the fisherman you are and quickley headed for the bottom to escape any embarrssment on his part! Ya, that’s it!!

  3. Mary Lou says:

    Always good to hear about your daily adventures. Have a great time…

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