The World is Safe

As I write this, I’m about halfway between Auckland and Palmerston North where I’ll be staying with friends. We’re running behind by about 30 minutes due to heavy traffic in Auckland. I’m on my way to see someone I haven’t seen in yen years. And I cannot wait to see her and her family.

In the seat behind me a sweaty overweight woman with flabby upper arms is eating a bag of potato chips for lunch. The sound of her crunching totally disgusts me. I’ve no idea why it bugs me but it really does.

In the back of the coach is a mother and infant. Thankfully, the infant has hardly made a squeak.

On the other side of the seat aisle and up a few rows is a college-aged girl. Her hair is dyed green and blue. I like it, and tell her so. “Oh, sometimes I forget it’s coloured and it attracts attention.”

“Well I think it looks great.”

She smiles and I think she blushes a bit. “Why, thank yew!”

The law here says that the coach driver has to stop every couple of hours to give him a break. During these breaks, my blue-haired friend takes her camera out. Not to take potboiler landscapes. She looks for macro subjects, those tiny little details that most of us, myself included, totally miss. A corner of a wooden fencepost. Some tiny details in flowers. That sort of thing. She had an eye for detail.

Her generation that will rule the world someday soon.

I think the world is in good hands.


A quick revision regarding the fishing : Everything reported on the trip is 100% accurate. But my intent was NOT make the tour operators look bad. They are a first class operation all the way. I would be pleased to fish with them, anywhere, any time. Sorry for any confusion.


One thought on “The World is Safe

  1. Pam says:

    I think it is too….And it’s nice that you appreciate the younger generation. Some people only have negative words.

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