All you have to do is ask

You can be forgiven if you think the world sucks, it’s dog-eat-dog out there, people are selfish a-holes, it’s look out for #1 all the time. Any glance at the local news is strong reinforcement for that.

But once in a while, someone does something totally without hope of personal gain.

That’s just happened here and I’d like to share it.

There’s an event being held at the local planetarium, a live-and-recorded retelling of Jeff Wayne’s musical version of the Orson Wells classic War of the Worlds. I bought the album sometime in the 1980’s. Loved it. Still do.

Well, I very much wanted to go on opening night but the event is all sold out.


On my way out to do some laundry, I stopped by the concierge desk and asked if they knew of ticket resellers (scalpers) where I may be able to buy a ticket.

The young fellow at the desk was at a bit of a loss but he said he’d ask around.

I trudged off to do laundry.

When I got back about an hour later, the 3 guys at the desk beamed at me. “We got you a ticket, we got you a ticket!”

“But it was all sold out…”

“There were actually two tickets left even though the ticket site says it’s sold out! And they’re not resold tickets, they’re face-value. No extra charge.”

Now it was my turn to beam! “Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank you’s!”

I gave the concierge boss a healthy tip, he said he’d share it with the staff.

He wasn’t expecting a tip. Tipping culture isn’t part of the New Zealand way of doing things.

It was perfectly simple. All I had to do was ask.


2 thoughts on “All you have to do is ask

  1. Carol Fisher says:

    It’s gotta be your charming personality! All ya gotta do is ask.

  2. SteveH says:

    Sometimes these things happen, and even when you really don’t expect them to!

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