Away for a couple of days

Hello friends. This is my last night in Hawaii, and tomorrow I’m on a 9+ hour flight to Auckland. See you after crossing the bizarreness that is the international dateline!

*new addition on Wednesday, in Oahu airport*

I have some heartbreaking news. This is not a joke.

My camera has been lost. Discovered that about 11:00 this morning. Re-tracing my route of this morning, a 6+ hour search (yes, really, no joke or exaggeration) has proven fruitless.

This is, without overstating it at all, is one of the biggest disappointments in my whole life. All those pictures…

Catch up with all of you in a few days.


8 thoughts on “Away for a couple of days

  1. Michelle says:

    Safe travels!!

  2. SteveH says:

    Wow! a week in Hawaii done already! Hope you had a great time! Enjoy the flight to New Zealand!

  3. Carol Fisher says:

    Dad LOVES hearing from you regularly, Love from dad.

  4. SteveH says:

    Ah man, my heart just sank when I read that you lost your camera, that sucks, but you’ll have the memories in your head. How are you at drawing and sketching???

  5. Michelle says:

    Sucks about the camera BUT better than your passport…

  6. Pam says:

    Oh no!!! It is sad that you lost all those pictures! But as someone I know has said – “If you don’t have it you can always buy it once you get there!” Soooo I hope you can get yourself another camera so you don’t miss any more awesome shots!

  7. Craig Fisher says:

    Bummer about the camera. Hope that is the only thing you lose. Maybe you can upload your future pics to a cloud based something-or-other.

    • Since I bought this tablet I’ve been searching for a way to upload pictures from my camera to the tablet and then to the “cloud”. You’d think it would be easy. But no. You have to have an interface (a computer) to do just that. Grrrr…

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