Such was the name of the submarine that took about 70 or so intrepid explorers to the depth of just over 100 feet/30 metres below the Pacific.

It was, alas, a totally underwhelming experience.

The most exotic creature to make its presence known out of the deep blue was a small school of parrot fish.

Sorry to say that any decent pet store has a better collection of fish than what was seen today.

But, hey, the marine life isn’t on the payroll, right?

Deep sea fishing on the agenda for tomorrow. Hope to see good-sized fish then at the end of my line

I wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy Hawaii. The south shore of Oahu is totally over-run with steel & concrete, huge edifices to tourism. I hope to get to the north shore on a moped before I go.

I can say, however, that the people here seem genuinely friendly. Having worked with the public for some time, I have a good idea when someone is smiling through gritted teeth and when a smile is truly meaningful.

These people mean it. And why not? They’re living in paradise.

Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?


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